Is the Canonized Bible the only words of God?
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Is the Canonized Bible the only words of God?

After re-reading my last blog post, I was left with a burning question. Why is it that Demons only quote the Canonized Bible? I know that I kind of talked about this with the previous post, but I'm still not quite satisfied with the answer, or in our case the speculative answer. The canonized Bible states that the Devil or Satan knows the words of God better than we do or ever will. That makes sense, he's been around since almost the beginning and God is his, or was his direct boss. It stands to reason that he would know God fairly well and probably remembers what he said. This begs the age old question, does the canonized Bible actually contain the words of God, or are they just stories and the interpretations of men? There was a time when I would have argued vehemently that the Bible was and always will be the Word of God, but now... well, let's just say that I'm open to a bit more than I once was, or I'm a bit less rigid, whichever. I've no doubt that God's words are in there somewhere, but interpretation and centuries of copying have altered things a great deal, and then there was the whole era where some folks didn't like some of the bits so they took them out and they changed others... anyway... God's actual words are in there somewhere. Finding them might prove to be quite the challenge. 

So, back to the question, why is it that Demons only quote from the Canonized Bible? Are they trying to prove that this version is the only one that contains the actual words of God? If so, why would they do such a thing? Wouldn't this bring people closer to God? If Satan can quote God better than we can, then surely if he or one of his minions quotes the Bible then he is quoting God, and at the same time validating the Canonized Bible. How does this benefit Satan? There must be a profit for him somewhere. Do you doubt me? The Bible clearly states, The thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy. The thief is identified as Satan. So, I ask again, how does quoting the Canonized Bible benefit Satan. How does validating the clearly erroneous book steal worship from God? 

This question is just mind boggling for me. All I can determine is that by quoting the book the Devil is showing the weakness of God. I mean we only get to hear a Devil talk if it is through a person that is possessed, generally unwillingly possessed. The possession alone is an attention getter and certainly makes people question the power and the love of their God. Maybe the quoting part is just another crumb in the Devilish little cake. 

Okay, so why not show that they are superior? Why not quote from a book that the church fathers threw out? Why not show how much more they know. Unless of course doing so would validate those discarded books. In the same turn they would invalidate the Church that threw them out. Now that's an interesting bit of theory. Do these Devils actively validate the Church by quoting only what they have approved? Certainly quoting from the Gospel According to Judas might throw a proverbial wrench into the cogs of the church. If nothing else it would send everyone scrambling looking for the location of the quote and its significance. Wouldn't Judas find that amusing after all these centuries to be validated by a Devil? Even the most devout of people would find that amusing, perhaps only in an ironic sort of way, at least for a moment. 

Many of you are probably wondering how I could question the validity of the Bible after having written Is Homosexuality a Sin?, A Biblical Answer. Have my views changes since writing the book? Of course they have, but not in regards to the content of the book or the research that brought me to my conclusions. In fact, I would say that even though I am more critical of the Bible now, than I was then, I think that my scrutiny is a good thing. It keeps me honest in regards to the Bible and its contents. I no longer dismiss the missing books, as I, and the church fathers once did. I read them as well. The missing books help tell a more complete story of the first, second and third century church. The additional books very clearly show the conflict and differences in belief that was so prevalent in the early church. We know who won the early doctrinal wars, those that are now in power. The discarded books give us the stories of the losers. As with all losers, they may not have been wrong. They simply didn't win because they lacked the power, or the numbers, or the money, or a combination. In the case of the Christian losers, most of them lacked the connections. Many believe that it was Constantine that gave the Christian church the religious power, but in fact it was his mother that held the big stick. One of the losers of the doctrinal war had Constantine. But, Constantine was not the power in that particular battle. 

Constantine believed something other than what his mother and the Church believed, for his entire life. The church will say otherwise, but historical documents prove that Constantine was a follower of Arian. Arian and his followers were all but scrubbed from history, by the church when it took power and became the Catholic Church. But, with the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, his legacy was reborn. On his death bed Constantine 'converted' to the new Church doctrine, to achieve salvation. This is what his mother and her church taught, and still teach today. It is not what Arian and his followers taught. Nor is it what Judas and his followers taught. (Yes Judas had followers). He adamantly believed that he was doing the will of God when he betrayed Jesus. In fact if you read the four gospels that are in the Canonized Bible you will see that three of them also either suggest or come out and say that Judas could have done no other thing, because Jesus and therefore God was in charge of the situation. Jesus had to die, so he orchestrated the entire thing. Judas therefore was only acting upon what Jesus told him to do. The other Apostles did not fully grasp the significance of this and therefore turned on Judas, and murdered him. 

Isn't it amazing when you look at both sides of the story. Too bad I have no real desire to talk to a Devil to find out their side of the story. 

When I wrote Is Homosexuality a Sin? I made certain that the first chapter was about the Authority of the Bible. In it I document what I see in the Bible, that gives it Authority, in other words, what makes it the Word of God or the closest we're likely to get to the written 
Word. At the end of the chapter I challenge my readers to choose for themselves whether or not they will give the Bible the authority to mold or dictate their morality (get the first chapter for free HERE). This is essential to the rest of the argument. For if you have no faith, trust or belief in the Bible then the argument of Is Homosexuality a Sin? A Biblical Answer will not have any meaning for you. Is Homosexuality a Sin? is now available for only $4.39 as an EBook. EBooks can be down loaded onto any digital platform, even telephones. You can take them anywhere and they are yours forever. 

I still give the Bible the authority of a moral compass. Now I also have the discarded books to look at. The jury is still out on whether or not I will also give them the authority. Right now they are very intriguing, and extremely interesting as historical documents, but are they also the Word of God? I need more time with them to decide for myself. 

So... we still didn't really answer the question, but in all honesty I didn't really expect to answer this one. I have no idea what Devils think, I know their motives, but not their devices. But, it is interesting that they only quote the Canonized Bible. Just some more food for thought.

I've started a how to book. It is titled How to Write an Autobiography. It should be done very soon. This is in response to you, my readers. It seems that you like my deviations from the ordinary box of stuff, but you prefer the posts that talk about writing and publishing. So, I am writing How to Write an Autobiography, which will contain the basics on how to start a book, how to format your thoughts from beginning to end, and how to write a book that others would like to read. As soon as it is done I will make it available on my site for all of you, on my EBooks page where all of my books are for sale for only $4.39 each, a fraction of the cost of a printed copy.

Until next time, Be well and be good to each other.

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