Revising your work is important
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Revising your work is important

Over the past week I have been working very hard on completely reformatting Un Sabor de Mexico (my cookbook) so that I could add it to my EBooks section and actually feel good about it. You see my cookbook was the first full color book that Sherechita Publications produced. It was a real bear and I did a lot of things in that book that I could never reproduce because I have no idea what I did. So, I had or have tons of mistakes, both in simple spelling and grammar but mostly in formatting. In addition, at the time I thought that it would be cool to have lots of random pictures of Mexico, that I took while I was there vacationing, in and under the text. I faded out the pictures before I put them under the text so you could still read it.... well you can see the problem with all of that. What is the point of putting in a picture if you are going to fade it out anyway? Plus not everyone has great eyesight, I just made it harder for many people to read the recipes. I have learned a lot since then and now it is time to repair the mistakes. 

I thought that a simple repair could be done. But, I was wrong. Some of the things that I did cannot be undone, well at least not by me. I have no idea for example how I got the decorative line down the right side of the interior of the book. Consequently, I have no idea how to get rid of it. Also, some of the pictures defy correction. Some won't even let me click on them, as if they are part of the program. Well,with so many difficulties, I decided to start fresh. Thankfully I don't have to rewrite all of the recipes. I can transfer the text only onto a clean sheet of virtual paper and format it anew. 

Since I needed to start over, I decided that I should add a recipe and add more pictures of the dishes and fewer pictures of my vacation. Also there will not be any pictures behind the text and all of the pictures will have captions. There will not be any more random pictures. The final book should look a lot more professional than the one that I have now. I am also considering a new cover and if I can find another printer, then I will try to get it spiral bound so it's easier to use in the kitchen. Of course this last part doesn't affect EBooks. The other things that I am doing will affect the EBook, it will make it easier for the book to load... smaller pictures, make for an easier download. 

I am still working on the How to Write your own Autobiography book. It is easy to write in terms of knowledge, but a bit difficult as I have been having trouble typing. My hand keeps swelling up. My doctor says that it might be carpal tunnel syndrome or something else. All I know is that it is extremely painful and makes writing hard. I guess if we can't get it fixed or something, I will need to invest in the Dragon program and start dictating my books. That will be a pain in the tail all its own.

I am nearly finished with my change of law proposal for the ELI Group. As you know we are trying to change the child protection laws here in Nevada. The laws will be less confusing, more consistent and the punishments will be more severe. We are hoping that the changes will make the act of abusing a child less attractive, and at the same time they will stop punishing parents that seek only to discipline their child. In the future we are hoping to revamp some of the CPS laws so that they are not the first call a person makes but the second. All too often CPS is called into a situation that actually requires the Police, and visa-versa. Some of that is due to the laws and how they are written and some of it is due to citizens not understanding the roles of these two bodies in regards to child abuse and yes some of it is due to some people overstepping their legal bounds. Some clarification in the laws should help with all of that. 

Okay, one of the things that I am writing about in the new "How To" book is 'writing about what you know'. This is a simple and sometimes overused comment that is not properly explained. When writing an autobiography you should write about your life, obviously, but not all of your life. No-one wants to share everything and frankly no-one wants to read about everything. When writing an autobiography it is better if you write little stories. Choose incidents from your life that have meaning for you. Write about them. These are things that you know.  

I explain more in my new book and expand the explanation to include how to make your stories into a book that people will want to read. In the book I talk about your motivations, what you are hoping to achieve and a dozen other topics. Stay tuned for more as I finish it. I will make it available first as an EBook and then later as a paper bound book. 

Okay, my hand is not happy and I need to get running. I will write more later. 

Until next time, Live well and be good to each other.

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