How to write an autobiography
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How to write an autobiography

Well, I have finished the book "How do you Write an Autobiography". It took a little longer than anticipated, but to be honest I got distracted by a brief, really brief, possible romantic interest. I have but one more read through to make sure that I haven't made any errors that I missed in the last three read through's and it will be done.  Once it is I will put the link on this blog page as well as on the site. 

So what did I talk about in the book? Is it something that you might want to purchase? Let me give you a quick run through. 

I first talk about writing what you know. Now this sounds like a no brainer and we've talked about it before. But, it can be a bit tricky. For example, you may know how to flip a light switch but that doesn't mean that it needs to be saved in an autobiography. If however you have a smart, funny, scary or otherwise engaging story that involves the flipping of a light switch then, that might be something to put into an autobiography. So when a person tells you to write what you know you then, you should consider and possibly temper what that exactly means to you. 

I talked about setting the mood for your autobiography and how to introduce humor into an otherwise serious situation to lighten the mood. This does not dilute the story but allows your reader to better absorb it. To better underscore this chapter I tell a story of my own. Setting and maintaining the mood of a book is very important. 

Then I spend some time showing you the different ways of formatting an autobiography. There are more than one way to write in terms of style. I outline the most commonly used in autobiographies. When we have the format down then we begin on content. What exactly do you want to write about? Have you had an interesting life that you want to have documented, do you have a specific skill that you want to pass on or is this a journey through pictures? All of these and more are handled in the book. 

The hardest part of any story or book is the beginning. Where do you start? First I help you to decide where in your life or story you should start, and this decision has as much to do with the format of the book as it does with the content. Once we have a starting place I help you to write the first sentence. That's usually the tough one. 

Next we discuss your potential audience. All books are written with a view towards the intended audience, even autobiographies. Why do you want to write one? That's the big question, because the answer will help you to determine every other aspect of the book. Sometimes family autobiographies are best told through pictures, poetry and small stories of specific events that relate to the pictures. This is all discussed at length. 

Finally, I talk about editing. Most first time authors are better served by not editing as they write. Generally the first thought is the best one when writing a story, especially a memory. It does not serve you well if you try to correct mistakes or decide halfway through a story that you want to edit out some details. My advice is to write the story, all of it. Then go back in a week or two and read it, then you can edit it if you feel it needs more than spell check. 

I finish the book with a quick note on publishing. I don't include any publishers names or anything in this book. Perhaps if that is something that interests you I can make up a quick click type of pamphlet the gives the names, and addresses of publishers in their genre. This would take a bit of work but if you want me to do it then let me know. 

Okay, I'm going to go through How to Write an Autobiography so I can get it posted for you all. I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will be working on How to Write a Book next. There are a lot of similarities between an autobiography and any other book, but they are not the same.

Okay, so live well and be good to each other.

And here it is, How to Write an Autobiography! Phew.... I didn't think that was going to work. 

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