The alien angle
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The alien angle

Sometimes I watch some of those alien visitation documentary style television shows. They are done fairly well, although they do show some bias towards the existence of aliens, they are still pretty decent as documentaries go. Don't get me wrong, you all know that I believe in aliens, but if you are going to produce a show that is supposed to be unbiased then you should make certain that it is exactly that, unbiased.  Still, I enjoy them because they show things that I have never seen before in places that I will probably never go. 

For example, recently they have found some ancient carvings in Winnamucca, Nevada. Now Winnemucca is just down the highway from me here in Sparks and once the cold weather clears, I have ever intention of taking a short trip. In the meantime, these carvings are the oldest ever found in the world. They pre-date Mesopotamia which is insane. They were previously unknown because of the water level of the lake. Now the lake is low enough to expose these carvings. (Yes Nevada has lakes. In fact Winnemucca lake is the remnant of a prehistoric lake. Who knows what else is under those waters? We have another in this State that is prehistoric. We have been working hard as a State to keep water in it, now maybe there is a reason to let it dry up.) Anyway... These carvings suspiciously resemble the carvings of several different ancient peoples, the Egyptians, the Aztecs and the Celts. Odd combination of people, but it they really do predate other civilizations, then these other civilizations may once have been only one civilization.

This leads one to think that the theory of the cycles of mankind may have some credence. The cycles dictate that mankind rises and falls in waves. Civilization rises to a crescendo and then is all but swept from the earth. Only small bits remain and as man rises once again from the ashes, he believes that he is the first and those bits of the past civilization become mysteries, like Atlantis. This leads me to wonder just how civilized or rather how advanced these people might have been to be carving on rocks in this manner. I mean these are not pretty rocks, like marble, these are just granite. And the carvings are more like cave man style carvings as opposed to Michael Angelo. So... what gives?

Of course the show insists that these ancient people were only carving what they saw in the rock because they had no paper to draw on, and they were drawing aliens. That may well be true, but how does it relate to the so called cycle of man? One one hand they write these people off as uncivilized and on the other they hold them up as a great civilization that gave birth to the known world. Make up your mind. 

There is another odd mystery in the Grand Canyon, where a scientist found a cave that led to an underground city. This city had markings that linked it to the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Hindi... but the Smithsonian, who he worked for, deny any such claim. The funny thing is that they came, crated up the entire cave and then sealed it. They took their treasures back east and then the scientist that found it, disappeared. He was never seen again and the Smithsonian claim that they don't know who he is. The area of the Canyon that the cave was found in, is now not accessible without a government permit. 

The interesting thing about these two different findings is the dating of the two. Assuming that the cave was once at water level and therefore accessible instead of 2000 feet below the rim of the gorge, then the contents of the cave were very old indeed.  This would mean that the cave constructors would have made the cave long before the Grand Canyon was very Grand. Now, how far up from the river was the cave entrance? I have no idea. Because the show did not tell us. The show didn't even speculate. Instead they focused on a possible alien angle. That is the show's job, to seek out aliens, but still this shit was interesting without an alien angle and could have really been explored. Maybe I'll look into it myself. 

Speaking of alien angles... I do get a bit tired of hearing that everything is alien related. It's as if mankind never had an original thought in their heads. It all had to come from some other greater being. I think that much is bull. Mankind is not just an experiment that needs constant stimulation and supervision. We may have once been part of an experiment with DNA manipulation, but somewhere along the way we developed our own minds. Maybe that's why the alien scientists no longer just come and visit like they once did. Now they just come and slaughter livestock and abduct the random human.  As a scientist once your experiment has reached fulfillment all you do is monitor, take an occasional sample and let it be.  You move on to another experiment. 

Anyway, I watch the shows now with a grain of salt. I'm of a mind that mankind is now an experiment that has reached its fulfillment and must be left to its own devices. When aliens come to visit they either come to visit specific people or they have another agenda. We as a race think for ourselves now and if aliens are giving us technology it is because they have ulterior motives. Perhaps they want us to join them in space quicker than we would get there on our own.. who knows? What I do know is that we humans do think for ourselves and don't need aliens to direct our every day life.

So, no I've vented. What are your thoughts?

Live well and be good to each other.

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Ray Ban Aviator on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:52 AM
In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.
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