How ancient is ancient?
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How ancient is ancient?

Well I checked out those Petroglyphs that they found in Winnemucca. Scientists have not yet determined their actual age. They are either 10,500 years old, which would make them the oldest known carvings in North America, or they are 14,800 years old which would make them the oldest in the world. The problem is that they are found on boulders that have been under water for so long and the lake level has not remained constant. The boulders were exposed twice in the past to the air between 14,800 and 13,200 years ago and again between about 11,300 and 10,500 years ago. This is why they are having some problems. The one thing that helps them is sediment deposits inside of the grooves of the Petroglyphs.  By dating these deposits and measuring their depth scientists will eventually come to a conclusion. 

Either way, here's the lingering question; do these Petroglyphs resemble something that an advanced human civilization would make or are they the work of a newly emerging human race?  Here's some pictures for you to decide:

There are no pictures of human like forms or animals on any of the boulders. This makes the drawings even more curious. 

Look at the scale looking things. I'm not sure what to think about those. I need to do some more research about the region and what actually lived in the area at the times in question. I know that Nevada was the home of the world's largest prehistoric fish. We have tons of fossils of her, including full fossils with babies, which is why we call the fish "she". She is our State Dinosaur. We even named beer after her. 

This is an interesting puzzle for me. I think that I will need to draw it out on paper and make my own time line. What do you think. What are these things? What are they trying to depict? I see trees and the sun and I have no idea what the rest of that is... Ideas?

Something to think about. Here's the link for one article and a second link for another. Check them out. 

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