Ancient mysteries revealed!
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Ancient mysteries revealed!

I am so sorry for letting this slip. I have been super sick with food poisoning and my sister is also in the hospital with another problem. They just took her off of life support today. It has been a real roller coaster.

That being said, since I was confined to someplace near my bathroom for a week, I spent a lot of time watching television. To be specific I was busy watching a show called America Unearthed. This is a show in which the host is a forensic geologist and he investigates odd, unusual and hard to explain geological features and markings. While he is investigating these things he is solving some of America's oldest mysteries and uncovering some really amazing secrets. For instance, most people know that the Vikings came here to the New World long before Columbus in 1492, but did you know that the Welsh came here as well and they left behind at least one native American tribe that not only spoke Welsh but they also have paler skin, some have blue eyes, European features and Welsh customs. Yet, other than the native American tribe, the Welsh seem to have left no other evidence of their time here.

The Irish also came to the new world long before Columbus. They left dozens rock shrines and places of worship that are distinctly marked with their tell-tale signature of building and mastery of astro architecture (this is architecture that has alignments to the stars). The ancient Irish were very much into making things that had more than one purpose. Making a building for example that was both a tomb and a calender was not uncommon. 

Another great thing that I learned was that the Aztecs came from North America. I don't know why I didn't notice this before, the legends clearly state that their god told them to journey south until they found an eagle on a cactus with a serpent in its mouth. They did and they found such an eagle in what is now Mexico City. Everyone knows the story but, like everyone else I just assumed that they came from some lake community further north of Mexico City.This was part of the story, their city was surrounded by water. But, when you examine their history with a bit more attention you will see that they came from a place that they called "white". This is the meaning of the word that they called their homeland. Now, I've been to Mexico, not all of it to be sure, but enough of it to be fairly certain that north of Mexico City there is no place that would both be surrounded by water and white.  Theories abound concerning this. Were they talking about snow? And if they were, where is there both fluid water and snow and a city on an island in the center that is all north of Mexico City? This is quite the puzzle. The puzzle seemed to be unsolvable. Until a man in Wisconsin showed a series of land maps to the show's host. These were ordinary maps that showed new and proposed boundary lines after a treaty or land sale. The interesting thing about the maps was that in all of them (almost 200) a single place is marked out on the map as a place of reference, it is "The Ancestral Home of the Aztecs". This spot is pointed out to be in what is now northern Utah, in a place we know as the great salt lake. It is a body of water that is completely white with an island in the center. After a certain date all map makers stopped placing this point of reference on  their maps, so the information was lost. So... I suppose that some Americans need to stop telling some Mexicans to go back where they came from, we may have a mass migration to Utah. 

The Templar's were another group that came to North America early on. They also left a lot of stone temples and holy places. The New England area across to Michigan seemed to be very popular. I can understand why, navigation to these areas is easy in comparison to trekking about in the unknown woods and forests that prevailed on the east coast during this time. Not all of the Native Americans were happy to see new faces. Unlike the colonization process of the 1600's and beyond, those that came before were looking to either start over without causing a fuss or simply to strip the resources and leave. There was no great push to relocate or decimate the local human population, hence there was less friction between them and the white faces that showed up. 

Rumor has it that the Templar's came to avoid religious persecution. After the King of France declared them heretics and began burning them alive the Templar's fled Europe. They first went to Brittany then to Ireland and rumor has it that from there they came to the new world. This makes perfect sense as Irish seafarers had been traveling to the new world for centuries. The Templar's got what they needed in Ireland and set off. Now here is the interesting part, legend states that the Templar's were the caretakers of several religious artifacts that would change the course of most of the world religions if they were ever found. It is said that the Templar's were the caretakers of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. There is no solid proof, no royal order spelling it out, or papal decree telling the Templar's to take these items and hang onto them. There is only century old rumor and clues that could point to that conclusion. Of course, even with only rumor many people actively seek to find these items, including the host of this television show. He makes a good argument for most of his digging around, but like most people when it comes to the Holy Grail or the Arc they get a bit ahead of themselves. It is my opinion that if the Templar's brought them here, and if the Free Mason's are in fact descendant of that ancient order, then it stands to reason that they, the Free Mason's would still continue to protect those items today and they would not allow them to be found. But, I suppose the fun is in the looking. 

I find it interesting that with all of the wealth of knowledge and evidence that the Smithsonian continues to deny the early arrival in what is now the United States by anyone that was not of Asian origin... you know across the ancient land bridge that once connected Alaska with Asia. There is a recent movement within the Smithsonian to begin to accept that Europeans did come here in similar manner from the other side, following the seals across the ice that once connected all of the continents to the north. Evidence has been found of prehistoric migration from France to Florida and of course every State in between. It was a group of humans that apparently grew tired of living in the cold and slowly migrated south. 

I love looking at the migration patterns of early humans. It is how I learned of my own ancestry. I am an American and my parents were Americans before me, but their parents were not. Two of the four were born in other countries and their parents were born in still more other countries. I can trace my own lineage back to the ancient migration of the Celts when they came out of what is now Russia. How car can you trace your lineage? If you are from America, maybe not quite so far. But, if you are from some other country, maybe you can teach me a thing or two about tracing your lineage. 

Live well and be good to each other. 

By the way, never eat Pastrami at a restaurant! You will pay for it the hard way.

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