Are you connected or did you disconnect?
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Are you connected or did you disconnect?

My sister is finally out of ICU. She is somewhat coherent, although her cognitive abilities have been in question for years. At least now I know what is wrong. Her lungs flat decided that they were done. They simply stopped working. They refused to process oxygen at all. She died. Had it not been for the miracles of modern medicine and the proverbial iron lung, she would have stayed dead. But, they kept her hooked up to a machine that breathed for her and she is now comfortably breathing for herself again. This came at the price of sucking out all of the crap that was in her lungs. Don't get me wrong, her lungs are still pretty angry, but they are once again processing oxygen. This was a wake up call for her. She had allowed her life to become completely sedentary and she smoked like a chimney. These two things alone are a fine recipe for exactly what happened. She claims now that she will never smoke again, that of course doesn't include marijuana. I don't get it are pot smokers just stupid or what? Smoke is smoke... period! Try brewing the damn stuff into a tea if you're so damn addicted! Good God, lungs are not designed to process smoke... figure it out! 

I'm sorry, it's just so damn frustrating when people don't use their brains. 

Anyway... at least she has another chance to do it right. I don't think that she'll get another. 

Meanwhile, I got a visit from my muse. She didn't have a lot to say, but she did visit. It's been a while and I am glad to see her return. I had missed her quiet tones in my dreams. 

Speaking of dreams... there is a theory out there that people can see the future in their dreams. This is an interesting thought for me as I have seen future events in my dreams as well. I didn't recognize them as future events when I had the dreams, but when they happened in real life I recognized them. It was almost like a long wait for a deja-vu episode. The theory is that when people are asleep they can tap into their more primitive side, or the part of them that is connect to this world.  The world is our mother and she speaks to us, just as she speaks to the other animals. 

The argument was made that just prior to the eruption of a volcano, mother earth warns every animal in the area to leave. Most of them do, except humans. Only some humans hear the mother's warning. It is thought that those that hear her have a connection to her and hen recognize the warning and leave. Others hear her and ignore her and then there are those that simply have lost their connection. It is surmised that the concrete and manufactured structures that make up our cities remove us from our natural element. They disconnect us from the vibrations of the earth. Now I know that this part of the theory is correct. Those that live in a city do not feel connected to a farm for example. I don't mean a connection like knowing how to muck out a barn, I mean  a deep inner sense of feeling or belonging. I personally have felt this connection to mother earth on many occasions. It was not explained to me until I went on a camping trip many years ago. 

So what has that got to do with my muse and my dreams? I'm wondering if there is a connection between a person's personal energy or that energy's connection to the earth that allows their mind to connect to other things, other places or realms that those that live in the city cannot connect to. It also makes me wonder if the gap between city folk and country folk will continue to grow through the centuries to include this connectivity. Already there is a gap between the two. But, most city people can reconnect if they try or want to, while most country folk have no desire to disconnect. Living where I do in such a small town (by comparison) I maintain that connection, which is probably why I still hear my muse and why sometimes I dream of a future event. 

The one thing that separates us from other animals is our sense of right and wrong. Animals can reason, they can solve problems, they can learn and they have social communities. What they don't have is morality. They don't seem to have a need to 'move up' on the ladder or to make lasting civilizations. We as humans need these things. But, in attaining these things we are isolating ourselves from our own roots and I think that we are paying the price by losing some of the gifts that our species has in common with all other animals, the gift of prescience  and perhaps more. 

It's just a thought. I have often wondered where my muse gets her ideas. Is it my subconscious or something more? I may never know, but I will say this much, I will not ignore her.

Live well and be good to each other. 

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