Making lemonaid out of lemons!
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Making lemonaid out of lemons!

The last couple of months have been horrific! I hate it when things are going bad and then they just fall into the dump. Yet, I'm still here. I have not written for a while, not that I haven't tried on occassion to put something out there, but for some reason several times the blog post simply got lost and did not post. So here I am trying it again.
I must admit that although I like the colors of my new design, I do not like the limitations. The entire thing is thinner. I had to rearrange everything to get it all to fit. Some of you have been asking me what platform I use for my blog, that's easy, I use Vistaprint. It is not a blogging platform persay, it is a business platform that has a blog as optional. I choose the design from a huge selection and customize from there. It's really quite easy. Sometime next year I will be meeting with a good friend of mine that is a graphic designer. She will be designing for me a logo that is all mine. If we do it right I will not need to ever copyright anything again because everything that is mine will have my logo on it. Kind of like Coca-Cola. You don't need to see the name to know the logo.
I moved last week, well, on the 30th of May. It was a good move, although I was really sceptical at first. A friend asked me to move into one of his rentals and repair it, while remodeling it. It's a big job! The previous renters deliberately destroyed everything that they could before they left. Then they threatened to burn the place down. It was crazy.
The first thing that I had to do was buy a refrigerator. I dont even want to try and describe the absolutely disgusting odor that was coming from the one that they left. Then they allowed their dog to destroy all of the carpets... yes in that way. They all got ripped out, yet still the odor lingers on the linoleum flooring, so that goes next.
They stripped a big square off varnish from the hard wood floor in the living room and drizzled paint on the other ones. Speaking of paint, they never learned how to color inside of the lines and should be arrested for what they did with a paint brush. The yard is just dirt, weeds and dog shit. It really is deplorable the condition of the place.
So the first thing is to remove the sub-flooring from one of the bedrooms. The floor is completely ruined and there is no way to save it. Luckily it was the only bedroom in the house that did not have hardwood flooring. It was carpeted. Come to think of it... that is not so lucky. Anyway, I will remove the flooring and put in new, then get it recarpeted. That would be the end of that one. The dining room... that's a whole other story.
One thing at a time. Meanwhile, I do not yet have the internet at home so I will be writing of my adventures from work.
Today I jimmied one of the closet doors open, they had put a locking doorknob on it and locked it before they left. What the heck? I have no idea. There was nothing in the closet except an old coat. Tomorrow I am ripping out some idiotic 50s style breakfast nook seating in the kitchen so I can put the refrigerator back where it belongs and get it some water. If I have time I will pull out the vanity from the small bathroom and start stripping it so I can repurpose it. The vanity in the other bathroom is worthless.
If I remember to, I will take some pictures with my phone and share them here. I have some on my camera which I will transfer to my laptop, but alas I have no internet for now. Sometimes moving is a serious pain in the tail. The good news is that the landlord understands that I am doing him a big favor by moving in here. He is letting me do what I want and how I want it done, and he's letting me take off anything I buy for the house from my rent. That makes it so much easier to get things done.
Okay, I have to get back to work. I will talk to you all again soon. Please be patient with me. I have so much going on right now that my writing is taking a serious back seat, but I have still been sending queries to agents and publishing houses alike, still with no nibbles. But believe me, when I do hear back something positive, I will let you know.
Live well and be good to each other.

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