Tin hat people are everywhere!
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Tin hat people are everywhere!

I have an odd situation going on right now... A couple of years ago I met this couple. They seemed like a nice couple. The husband was a bit extreme in that he was very much one of those doomsday people. He was looking to build up his cache of survival equipment. I had a lot of camping equipment that I figured that I would never use again. I traded it to him for a tattoo. It's a really nice tattoo.
Now I spent probably three hours there at his house with him and his wife. We talked like normal people talk. The television was on the entire time that I was there, and for the most part the wife watched the television more than she engaged. That's okay, I get it. The shows that she was watching were all survivalists shows. Naturally the topic came up, am I a survivalist?  Well... no I'm not, at least not an extreme one.... If I was, would I be trading my camping equipment for a tattoo?
But, I do have friends that have talked about the Zombie Apocalypse with me. We have discussed exit strategies, hiding places, protection strategies and other such stuff. It's how we think, I am a cop and so are the majority of my friends. This is how we think on a general basis. Then we apply that thinking to something stupid like the Zombie Apocalypse and come up with all sorts of possibilities. But... we are talking about zombies here... really?!!????.  How messed up does someone need to be, to not get the tongue-in-cheek attitude that naturally comes with a 'serious' conversation about the Zombie Apocalypse? Well.. this guy was more than just a little messed up.
He was supposed to finish the tattoo. I called him. We made dates to get it done, discussed how it needed to be finished. Then one day when I called him to verify the date he suddenly was out of ink and needles and had no money to get more. He would call me when he got more. Fast forward to a week ago... I get a FB message from him. He tells me that I freaked him out with all the stuff that I said. What? I asked him to explain what he was talking about. After several back and forths I get enough of the muddled story to figure out that he had imagined that since I'm a cop, I had some kind of inside info about an impending Zombie Apocalypse and that the police and military were secretly planning for it. Okay... am I the only one that finds that entire idea absurd?
In response to all of the scary information that I gave him (????) he backed away from me and hid in a hole for two years. While he was doing that he did something and became handicapped as well. So while he's messaging me and telling me that I should be careful about the people that I give that 'kind of information' to, I'm telling him that I never said anything that could not be seen on tv.
So, then he accuses me of telling him stories that are not true to get more tattoo work out of him. First of all, I wasn't telling stories, we were talking about a fictitious event and what we would hypothetically do in such an event. Second of all, I gave him over $2000 worth of equipment for a $300 tattoo that he was supposed to finish and never did.
In the same message he tells me that he needs protection, (from what I do not know) and he talks about running over people. There is a lot of random words and thoughts that are strung together with no connection in his messages. I had a lot of trouble deciphering them. I'm beginning to think that the man that did my tattoo, as talented as he is, he is also just a little bit off plumb... Oh well, I have another tattoo artist that is finishing my tattoo.
And the moral of the story... I don't know... no matter what you do you will always run into 'those' kind of people.... you know the tin foil hat people. Haahhaha isn't life grand?!
Live well and be good to each other.
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