Are Giants Real? Is the Smithsonian covering up the truth?
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Are Giants Real? Is the Smithsonian covering up the truth?

As you know I have been re-structuring my life over the last several months. Now I am finally in a place where I can resume regular entries into my blog, and not a moment too soon. 

I have not been completely idle in the past few months, nor have I had my head in the sand. I have noticed (and how can one not) that the world has gone nuts for Giants, and no not the baseball or the football team. No, the world has taken a great interest in the existence of Giants. Did they exist, do they still exist today? These are the questions. 

Of course no search for giants can be complete without going first to the Bible, where one of the first or oldest accounts of giants roaming the earth is documented with the account of David and Goliath. It is such a common and well known account that the name of the giant, Goliath, has become a word that describes giants. But is this account accurate or simply misread? Giant hunters want to believe that it is true, that Goliath really was a nearly ten foot tall, six fingered being. Not only that but they want to believe that he was not an anomaly, but that he did in fact have an entire family or tribe and that they were not alone on the planet. In fact the Bible gives reference to several other giants, including entire civilizations of them, According to the Bible and Jewish historian Josephus, the Amorites were giants and that at the time of his writing, there was still fossil evidence to the fact. Unfortunately now there is no such evidence, in fact, the problem with all of this is that there is no physical proof of giants. There are other written records, but these are records of other bits of folklore that have no physical proof of the creature that they describe. 

For example; the Cherokee people of the Appalachian Mountains have a legend of a seven fingered giant that once lived in the mountains protecting its own hunting ground. They even have a rock upon which are many carvings. They claim that the giant once clawed his mark in the rock while balancing himself. 

The Paiute nation of Nevada have a giant race that they call the Si-Te-Cah. In 1911 over sized bones were discovered in the Lovelock cave. They have since disappeared. 

Greek mythology is filled with giants. The most famous of the giants was probably the son of Poseidon. The giant was also a man eating cyclops who ran afoul of Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan War. He put the giant's eye out and incurred the wrath of Poseidon, which is probably not a good thing to do if you plan on sailing home. Anyway, Poseidon gave Odysseus years of hell for putting out his son's eye.  

And of course as anyone that has gone to the movies in the last several years knows, the Norse Gods had an entire race of giants that lived on one of the planets in their domain. 

These are but a few of the legends, and none of them have any actual proof of the existence of the giants. Still there are those that still persist that the proof exists, if only they could find it. 

In the past half-century a giant skeleton was found in the United States. According to the local newspaper the skeleton was wired together by the local doctor and the finder of the skeleton shipped it out to the Smithsonian. The record goes cold here. The Smithsonian denies ever receiving anything from this person or even from the area. To me this denial sounds incredibly suspicious. Why would a local newspaper cover a story of a giant skeleton from the moment that it was found, through the measuring, the wiring, the local displaying, the request for the item from the Smithsonian and then the actual departure date and time of the packaged skeleton to the Smithsonian if it was all just a farce or hoax? Now if the Smithsonian had acknowledge receipt of the package and said that after strict examination the contents were found to be something other than a giant, then that would be a believable story, but to simply say that they never got it.... that is not believable.

Perhaps I am being to harsh on the Smithsonian, after all they receive thousands of new items every year... surely one can get lost from time to time. I find it odd that such a large item that they specifically requested should come up lost but perhaps I am just being to cynical. Although this is not the first time that I have heard of something "coming up missing" after it was sent or even collected by the Smithsonian. 

Nearly a hundred years ago a hiker found a cave in the Grand Canyon. This is not a huge discovery, there are thousands of them dotting the walls of the canyon. But this cave led to something extremely unlikely. It led to a vast horde of Egyptian treasures, including a Sarcophagus and many life-sized gold statuary. The hiker was an employee of the Smithsonian, so of course he contacted his boss. Within days the Smithsonian was emptying the cave. According to the local area newspaper, whose employee witnessed the events, the Smithsonian pulled out several tractor trailer loads of artifacts. Their procession made a long caravan. But the artifacts "never made it to the Smithsonian". The Smithsonian still claims to this day that they have never taken anything out of the Grand Canyon. 

The really interesting thing about the Grand Canyon story is that they do acknowledge the employee and that he found a cave and that he did report it, but that there was nothing there. Now once again, would someone go to such great lengths to perpetuate a lie? I don't know. Some have lied a great deal to cover up something that was much more important. But, what could that possibly be? Why would the Smithsonian not want the world to know about giants, or that the Egyptians traveled as far as North America? More importantly, I think is the question, What else are they hiding? And more than that, what is the true purpose of the Smithsonian? Are they really there to preserve and display history, or are they there to selectively display history?

We kind of deviated from the question of giants. But I couldn't help but notice the appearance once again of he Smithsonian in the midst of a cover up. I also noticed that although the same show host was involved, this time he made no mention of he apparent cover up. Instead he obviously ignored it. Hmmm... 

Live well and be good to each other.

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