In Search of Giants, Part two
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In Search of Giants, Part two

The hunt for giants is still on. The brothers that have literally taken an hiatus from their lives to search for the giants, are still on the road and looking. The funny thing is that they are finding all sorts of circumstantial evidence. 

You may recall from my last blog that the problem with finding giants, as I see it, is the lack of hard evidence. This is still the problem. However, I do not think that this is the problem because the evidence did not at one time exist, or may still exist if it is still as yet undiscovered. I think that the evidence is being either hidden or systematically destroyed. 

Now why, pray tell, would someone try to hide evidence of giants from us? Now that is a good idea. You would think that the existence of giants either in our distant past or even in existence in some form today, would be something that the science community in general would be shouting from the rooftops, but they are not. I find it interesting that when someone identifies a new organism, something that is quantifiable a step lower than man on what is considered the "intelligence" bar, i.e. a new microbe or even a new fish or mammal, the entire world is notified, and celebrations abound. But, when anyone even suggests that some kind of "intelligent" life form, something that rivals our own intelligence, everything that can be done to discredit the claim is done, and in very swift fashion. This is a disturbing testimony. 

I'm not referring to aliens or giants alone, no, I'm also referring to dolphins, whales and even cats or dogs. Why is it that mankind as a whole summarily dismisses any notion that other animals on the planet may have evolved along a different and yet equal path? Why, just because we don't speak their language, do we assume that other animals do not have a language. They seem to understand each other, and in many instances, us quite well. Sometimes we can even learn some of what they are trying to say to us, Yet, as a whole we dismiss, discredit and even scoff at anyone introducing these theories. 

I suppose the question is, can mankind really measure intelligence? Scientists are finally and grudgingly admitting that dolphins and whales do possess an intelligence and a language that mankind does not understand. But, how long did it take for them to broaden their thinking? 

It is no wonder to me that the thought of a easily identifiable intelligent being would be dismissed and even hidden from the citizenry of the world. To admit that we are not alone in our supreme ownership of this world or the galaxy for that matter, would be to admit that we really are not all knowing. As a race, we are self-centered and arrogant. It is this arrogance that gives us the right to take what we want from each other and everything else without any conflict of conscience. To imagine a rival to that supreme ruler-ship that we perceive that we have over this world and beyond, would be to surrender, and this we simply cannot do. 

This is why I believe that organizations such as the Smithsonian were not designed to display the artifacts and information that make up our history and the history of our planet and nearby solar system so much as they were designed to control what the general citizenry regards as truth. If the Smithsonian isn't displaying a skeleton of a giant human like being, then one does not exist. That is the perception, because certainly the Smithsonian would be chomping at the bit to display something that would change the face of our world... or would they? 

People that find things of interest, like over-sized bones, have been led to believe that the Smithsonian is the holder or depository of our past. They are dedicated to finding, identifying and displaying things that are otherwise new or unknown, right, so send them what you have found and someday your find will be on display with a nod to you on the caption and all will be explained. Again, this is the perception. But, I believe it is not the reality. 

Over the decades the Smithsonian has built a reputation for being exactly what it wants the world to believe that it is, an organization that preserves and explains the world around us, past and present. In some ways, many ways it does just that, however it is in an unique position in which it can meter out the knowledge that it has collected to the masses. The unexplained things of this country are sent to them, without question, and their subsequent explanation is accepted, for the most part, without question. So, if they wanted to hide something like giants, it would be a simple matter. 

But why such a problem with giants? What is to fear from them? Are they not a dead or dying race? 

The brothers that are searching for giants have found some interesting facts from our Native American neighbors. Many Native American tribes have stories about giants. Most of the stories tell of a race of beings that once held a vast territory spanning from one coast to the other. These beings were, for the most part, quiet and peaceful. There were however factions of giants that were not so peaceful. They dominated the land and anything and anyone that lived on it. This story is not unique to this continent. To the ruling body of this country, the thought of our ancestors being dominated by a different race of beings is simply not acceptable. 

Scientists are just now admitting that dinosaurs were extremely intelligent and that Neanderthals were not dumb beasts, but were in fact just as intelligent if not more so than our direct ancestors.  The natural selection that killed them off had more to do with their physical limitation than their lack of intelligence. Furthermore it is now common knowledge that we all shared communities and bread together as equals in those societies. This information was hard for our leaders to swallow. The perception was hard to change and the information was suppressed for decades before finally being accepted. 

Proof of giants is out there. I believe that what has been found and sent in for study has gone missing for a reason. So, if these brothers really want to find giants then, they will need to find new evidence and verify it for themselves. But, I do need to remember that they are making a television show. If they had actually found something then, it would already be all over the news, or suppressed. The show is still entertaining. They expose a lot of old stories and lore. But in the end, they will come up empty, in the category of giants while their bank account grows. It is a sad reality.

Do I believe in the existence of giants? Yes, there is too much evidence out there that is literally written on stone for the existence of giants to be a hoax. The world once accommodated gigantic animals, why not gigantic humans as well? 

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Happy holidays! Live well, stay safe and never lose your sense of wonder.

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