Did aliens teach us how to mummify?
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Did aliens teach us how to mummify?

I broke my arm and now must type one handed, and for a person that is very proficient in 10 key typing, this is extremely frustrating... yet I find that in times like this, perhaps more so in times like this, I am inspired to write. Just today I heard a story that struck a chord. 

There is a preponderance of evidence that if taken from a specific point of view can be seen to give proof that aliens once visited earth, a point that I concede, however it seems that there is evidence that one thing that these aliens wanted to do was to teach humans how to achieve resurrection after death. This is supported by the plethora of civilizations that practiced some kind of mummification. These civilizations were eons and thousands of miles apart, and yet all of them also show evidence of alien contact. This combination combined with other evidence leads some to believe that these aliens were trying to teach humans how to properly mummify a body so that it could be resurrected. The goal was to attain a higher level of consciousness or being. 

My only argument with this theory is the inevitable corruption of the flesh. Most religious texts agree that the physical body is just a temporary shell for the immortal being within. So, if God was or is an alien (as in something other than terrestrial regardless of name or culture) why would he say one thing and teach another? Then again why would the text of the bible read like correction if mankind had not been incorrectly applying previous instruction? For those that do not know the text reads... the body is corruptible, the spirit is not (paraphrased) it goes on to instruct in how to attain the next realm through the nurturing of the spirit not the preservation of the body. 

In my mind this biblical passage adds credence to the claim that aliens were trying to instruct humans in how to attain the next realm of existence, but I do not think that the instruction included mummification procedures. So where did ancient man get this idea and why is the teaching so strong that we continue to practice it?

I think that ancient man did what they do best, they imitated their odd visitors. Imagine a scary ship landing in your back yard. Some of the occupants are awake and interested in sharing knowledge with you, but some of the occupants appear dead. You are given tours of the ship and you understand almost none of it, but you draw pictures and even carve some of it in stone. But then something really shocking happens just as your visitors are about to leave, some of their dead come back to life. You see it but are unable to understand the brief explanation that your visitors offer. All you understand is that these who were dead are now needed so that all may leave and go to a different place, a place that you are led to believe is better than the place that you call home. You would like to go to this better place but you are told that you must get to that place on your own, and that they have given you some very important instruction that will help you on your way. Would you not attempt to imitate what you perceived as resurrection? Of course you would. If mankind is anything as a race, he is consistent. Man will always fear death and in his fear he will seek eternal life. 

Did aliens teach our distant ancestors how to mummify their dead? I think that they did, albeit inadvertently. It was their intent to teach a more intellectual approach to immortality, evidenced by later correctional instruction that we as a race have yet to heed. 

That wee bit took me over an hour to type, but it was well worth it.

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Live well, and be good to each other.

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