Does your IQ matter in the big scheme of things?
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Does your IQ matter in the big scheme of things?

Since breaking my arm I have been laying off of writing, for the obvious reasons, however it has caused my mind to become quite full of ideas and random thoughts. One of those thoughts I have examined here before with you, but it has evolved. The thought that I am referring to is the one of human evolution. 

Yes I believe in creationism. I believe in one almighty God and his divine plan. I also believe that within that plan is the need for evolution, in fact I have come to believe that evolution helps Him bring about His ultimate plan. How can mankind grow as a species if there is no evolution? The idea is preposterous. No species can improve or grow as a species without evolution. That being said, how is evolution part of some divine plan?

There are two facts that continue to rattle around in my brain and for some time they could not be reconciled, until now. Fact number one: mankind only uses about 6% of his brain capacity. Fact number two: Adam and Eve ate of the tree of good and evil attaining the knowledge that made them as Gods. 

It is easy to see how these two things can be at odds with each other. If Adam and Eve did eat of the tree of knowledge then why is it that mankind only uses 6% of his brain and furthermore why is it that mankind can not reach more than a 200 IQ? The knowledge that he got from the tree was supposed to make him as a God. 

I have explored the Jewish idea that God intended for man to eat of both trees of the garden but only when they were ready, only when they had matured enough to handle it. This has led me to the thought that mankind is now going through the maturing process before he is allowed to become immortal. We have already discussed this, so what is new? My new thought is that the usage of our brains and our overall IQ's are part of the process of evolution. 

It can be surmised that our earlier ancestors did not utilize a great portion of their brains, although clearly they were not stupid. I also surmise that Adam and Eve stepped out of the garden into a world that was already populated by humanoid beings. These are the people that evolved naturally out of the materials that were available. They were no different than Adam and Eve except that the latter had been blessed by God and had been given life directly by him, much in the same way that Jesus was given life directly by God.... maybe that's why the Bible says that Jesus was the second Adam. Also Adam and Eve had knowledge that they had received from the tree, which they shared with their new neighbors and ultimately in-laws. 

This leads me to examine the theory about the usage of the human brain. Scientists are now surmising that with an increase in the usage of our brains, a human can begin to affect his own physical being and then those around him. That it is an extra usage of the brain that allows for clairvoyance, esp and other similar phenomena. Carrying that thought through to conclusion, with each percentage increase in brain usage more of the physical world could be manipulated and controlled. 

Keep that thought in your mind and follow me to the days after the resurrection of Jesus. It is written in the Bible, granted a third or fourth telling of an eyewitness account, but still relevant, it states that Jesus could change his physical appearance so that his own disciples could not recognize him. An account has him walking through a locked door or through the wall to enter a chamber that was sealed to join some of his followers. Other accounts, not in the Bible but written on cave walls and passed on through oral traditions find the resurrected Jesus visiting with Native Americans and other peoples around the globe. The Bible also tells us that Jesus visited the spirits that had caused the great flood. Is it possible that like Adam, Jesus utilized more of his brain and had the knowledge of Gods?

The Bible never tells us what this knowledge of the Gods is.. of course not, it was not meant for us... yet. Could it be that travel through time and space and physical manipulation are part of that knowledge?  I believe that they are only a tiny bit of the knowledge of the Gods, and that someday, when we as a race are ready, we will be given that knowledge. But right now, we're still using only 6% and with that amount we are still selfish, petty and greedy. Our capacity for compassion is limited and therefore we are not yet worthy of more knowledge, so it is locked away from us in those areas of the brain that we cannot access. 

Here's an interesting note, Dolphins utilize nearly half again more of their brain than we do. The bible specifically mentions the creation of Whales of which Dolphins are a very close relative. Is it possible that mankind is but one of God's children? Is it possible that not all of the creatures on the planet were meant to be in the care of mankind? The Bible only states that the animals of the field, i.e. land animals, came to Adam for naming. Is it possible that sea creatures were never part of the equation for man? Did we just assume and take what we wanted? But then why did Jesus serve fish to the masses? Ahhh.... I guess that's a few questions for us all to ponder. 

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