My Xena Con experience was an experience
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My Xena Con experience was an experience

I just got back from a Xena: Warrior Princess Convention. It was meant to be the last one... again.... but it was decided to have one again in 5 years. This is really cool and much more accommodating to the stars and the fans. I for one would not want to tie myself and my finances up every year for a single event. I am a fan of many different shows and would like to attend others. I know that I am not alone in this feeling but I certainly would not have voiced my pleasure at the Con at the final decision. I would have probably been beaten bloody. 

Anyway, I had a blast! I got to meet some really amazing people and some really great stars, sometimes they were one in the same. This was my first theme Con so it was a new experience for me and I learned a lot. For example, make sure that your hotel is within a five mile radius of the Con or you will miss things because you have to travel between locations. My hotel was amazing and beautiful but it was a long hour away from the Con. I missed out on a lot because I knew that it was a long hour away when I was tired. I also learned that a talking navigation tool like a Tom Tom or something, can be invaluable in a strange city like Los Angeles. I also learned that purchasing autograph tickets far in advance is really the best way to go. 

With all of that being said, I am really looking forward to the Comic Con that will be coming to my hometown once again this year. I am planning ahead and because it is in my home town I will not be bothered with lodging, travelling or food, so I can focus on autographs (which is a hobby of mine) and costuming. Yes I said costuming. I plan on dressing up for my next Con experience. I am thinking Steam Punk. It is so close to my own actual tastes and it looks like fun. 

With the Xena Con under my belt I realized that I really need to get my final Xena book onto the website. I will also be adding all of my Con pictures. I have my cast off and my wrist is healing quickly. My therapist was very encouraged by the progress I made just in our first meeting. So I should be 100% in no time. This means that I can get back to writing. Woo Hoo! It also means that I can get back to plugging my wears so to speak. I missed out on several local autograph sessions because of my condition and I do not plan on that happening again. 

So while I was at the Con I ran into an interesting phenomena. I never realized that the political schism was so pronounced here in America. I am what they call a Conservative Republican. This means that my political views align more with the Republican party, however they do so Conservatively. Essentially I am not a radical Republican or even a died in the wool Republican. I see things from both sides of the isle and recognize that some Democratic views are valid and should be adapted. So when I see extremism in either party I am, for lack of a better term, offended. Let me give you an example...

I was in line waiting for my turn at autographs. Behind me was a young man that was clearly, by his speech, whiny. He was complaining about everything. At one point he posed a question to me concerning the stars and their autographs that went something like this, "I wonder if when they get tired of signing, do their signatures change?" The obvious answer is "Yes of course" Speaking from experience. But, in the situation I did not think it appropriate to appear so arrogant. So my answer was, "Well, yes. It has been my experience when getting autographs from celebrities that they tend to abbreviate their names or use initials when they get tired." Then I did the wrong thing, I used an example. "Take Sarah Palin for example, to prevent exhaustion, when she signed her book, she signed with only her initials." I could not have said a more incorrect thing. The look on the young man's face was pure horror. He managed to stutter out, while he was retreating from me, "You went to a Sarah Palin autograph session?" I told him that I had not, because I had to work, but had seen the footage on television and was told what had happened from friends.  He by this time was seated on a stray chair about ten feet from me. On his face was a look caught between horror, disbelief and confusion. He did not speak to me again and at the first opportunity he found himself in a different autograph line. 

The young man was clearly a person that identified very strongly with the Democratic platform and was visibly terrified of Sarah Palin, even her name sent him into full on retreat. In my opinion this is a ridiculous stance for anyone to take. How can a country, or even just a community hope to grow and prosper when part of its population is so closed to the ideas of other members of its population? Now I am not stupid. I know that there are people like this young man on both sides of the political coin and some that have their own political stances beyond the two recognized. But, I still cannot justify this type of close-minded radicalism. It is what we here in America claim to be fighting against with ISIS and others around the world. 

The example was but one of many, but it was the most direct example I can give you. Many of the people that were at the Con were in short, very Democratic. However after this instance, I learned to keep my mouth shut as it was clear that very few of these people were in any way Conservative. I did meet a few and we had a lovely time discussing all sorts of things that we found annoying. Oddly enough it seems that those that are Conservative on both sides of the political isle find the same type of political starch to be offensive. It's too bad that Congress does not have more Conservatives in its chamber. We might actually get something done. 

What I find truly odd about all of this is that I ran into such a political soup at a Convention that was meant to celebrate a completely different kind of political view. Xena was always about the validation of the strength of women, making the young man's reaction to Sarah Palin even more suspect. For example, I do not particularly care for the political stance of Hillary Clinton and would never vote for her because of them, but I celebrate her ability to rise so far inside of her party to achieve what she has achieved. She is a beaming example of what women can do if they set their minds to it. 

For my first themed Con this was an education that I had not expected. But, I am not in any way disappointed. I have been given a great deal of illumination in many areas and will be taking my knew found knowledge and understanding into the world with me as I try to bring my work to more people. 

At any rate, please enjoy the pictures and my last and final Xena book. Also if you get the chance check out some of my other works. I offer the first chapter for free and all of my books come as a download as well as a hard copy. You can purchase them here or on

Live well and be good to each other.

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