Aliens on our battlefields?
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Aliens on our battlefields?

So has anyone else seen these reports about alien's showing up in battlefields? I saw this report that during the Vietnam war aliens were regularly showing up in the battlefield. They were so prevalent that the US Military were calling them "enemy helicopters". At the time the North Vietnamese did not have helicopters. So every time an American saw an UFO they would report it as an enemy helicopter. 

That's odd, but what I find odder is why the aliens were there in the first place. Reports say that the UFO's were routinely destroying US naval craft. Not destroyers or anything large, just PT boats. Still why would an UFO give a rats tail about blowing up small boats? Yet that is the testimony of many sailors. 

It could be argued that US naval craft were too close to an alien stronghold so they acted out of preservation, much like a bird would protect its nest, but I think that's ridiculous. There have been thousands of UFO sightings, but not one alien base sighting... only speculation. The point is, if we didn't or cannot see it then it is probably not in any danger from us. So now were back to the question, why would a UFO blow up a PT boat?

Before we explore that question some more let me tell you about another report about aliens on the battlefield. There are at least two reports of foot soldiers being "blocked" from advancing on the enemy, again in Vietnam, by several hovering UFO craft. This is not some kind of advanced technology that North Korea possesses, if it were then surely they would have used it more efficiently. The craft merely hovered and pushed back the advancing American troops in one account. In the second account the Americans tried firing on the UFO's and the ships fought back. They emitted some kind of light that caused what is described as radiation sickness. To this day, those troops still experience symptoms of the sickness, but they test negative for radiation.  So why would UFO's come down on the side of North Korea?

We as American citizens always must believe that our countries leaders  will always come into a conflict justly. But the truth is that the other country feels exactly the same way. History will never tell the true story as each side will write it's own version. So are the aliens trying to shape the conflict because they have some kind of foreknowledge or are they politically motivated?

Some people think that our nations respective leaders have been in contact with the aliens for decades. It stands to reason that if the aliens do have a treaty with earth leaders then they would choose the strongest countries. That being said, I don't think that anyone would have considered North Korea as being the stronger country in 1968. Yet the UFO's clearly came down on their side of the war. The question is why? 

After seeing the reports it seems clear that the UFO's were defending something, not attacking. Do they have a covert base in North Korea that even they don't know about? We really can't be certain as we have no way of knowing if the UFO's only confronted us. Perhaps the North Koreans also had some encounters. If we had their data we may be able to pinpoint whatever it was that the UFO's were defending.

The Korean war was not the only time that UFO's entered our battlefields. There are reports from every war all the way back to Napoleon and beyond that place UFO's on or near battlefields. Now here's the stupid part, some people believe that the aliens are trying to stop the conflict. I think that's crap. They have no problem killing us. That has been proven over and over again. So why would they care if we killed each other? 

There are lots of different kinds of aliens. This is also quiet evident. Surely they do not all feel the same way about humans or about anything. They are different species, so they have different cultures and values. They have been observed fighting amongst themselves. I do not believe that they are trying to stop our conflicts out of some kind of benevolence. I think that they are there to observe and incite and occasionally confuse.  Like children playing with fighting animals. 

That's a rather sobering thought. Animals.... are we just dumb animals to them? Are they advanced technologically and yet juvenile in their thoughts towards us?  It's entirely possible. They have posed as gods and taken our resources and used us as slaves... we have not advanced enough to warrant any kind of respect from them. So if blowing up a few PT boats makes the war funner for them to watch, maybe that's all it was. 

It is certain that we need to stop hiding our heads in the sand and realize that we are not alone in this universe. The thought is absurd. Our solar system is quiet young and we are hence the new kids on the block, and young kids at that. Other civilizations have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even hundreds of millions, and we need to try and catch up, or the bullies on the block are going to continue to torment us. 

Just a little food for thought on this nice spring day.

I have finally updated my website and put the last Xena book in total on the site. I have also updated the front page to reflect the Xena books

I am still updating my cookbook, the task is proving to be a bit more difficult than it should be. I was new to formatting when I did the original and now I need to start over so that the book is cleaner and better. On top of that I need more pictures. I have completed several just in the past month but, I need quite a few more. Lucky for me I have a new guinea pig that is more than willing to let me cook for her.

I still have the first chapter for free and eBooks available for those that like to read from a tablet.

Next time we're going to talk about the Men in Black! Until then, live well and be good to each other.

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