The Real Men in Black
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The Real Men in Black

Most of us are familiar with the movies with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, The Men in Black and The Men in Black two and three. They make it funny and ridiculous and by doing so they completely disarm and misdirect any real evidence or conclusions regarding the mysterious Men in Black. But these people or beings are real and the rumors are thick regarding who they are and who they work for. 

Men in black show up when someone has had a credible UFO sighting. Neither the actual sighting nor the age of the seer is of any consequence to the men in black. Most accounts have them arriving, taking evidence, speaking with the person or persons that saw the UFO and then leaving. Most people do not remember ever getting any names, that are credible and few remember what they spoke of, hence the comical reference in the movie to the red light on the silver pen and the idiotic names of Smith and Jones. 

Most people remember only that the men in black arrived in a non-descript black vehicle and then were simply gone. Hours and sometimes days pass for which the person has no memory. Generally all evidence of the UFO has disappeared with the men, photos, rocks, crop circles and more have been known to simply vanish without a trace. When the witness attempts to track down the missing articles or even the men, they hit a brick wall and are essentially shamed or embarrassed into silence, occasionally they are threatened. It does not seem to be the goal of the men in black or those that hide them to threaten everyone into silence. This seems to be a last resort to gain cooperation. But what it is it that we are cooperating in? Who are these men in black and where does all the UFO evidence disappear too?

There are two rules of thought concerning the men in black. The first is that they are government agents that are working with their respective governments to cover up the existence of UFO's. I have always thought that this was ludicrous. Why after centuries of open communication with UFO's has the conglomerate world governments decided that we can no longer talk to UFO's and their occupants? There is ample evidence all over the world with most ancient cultures that UFO's were not only common knowledge but that communication and even worship of the aliens inside of them were just as common. So what changed? Why hide them now and try to debunk all of the obvious evidence? It is akin to trying to deny dinosaurs and is just as effective.

It is also surmised that the men in black are actually aliens wearing disguises. This theory is bolstered by the fact that so many people have lost time and memory. They assume that only alien's can take your memory away. This is of course another ludicrous claim. In one example a woman saw not only an UFO but a crew of aliens, not once but several times. They landed in her front yard for several nights in a row. Then the men in black came, took all of the evidence and left her with only a small triangle shaped mark on the web between her thumb and finger on one hand. She had no memory of what she talked about with the men or when they had left. But when she pressed the triangle she got flashes of memory. The more that the pressed it the more memory returned. It has been surmised that some kind of subcutaneous chip was placed there that made the woman forget. That's just stupid. Why would you put a chip under the skin to hide it and then put a mark on top of it? Besides the fact that no chip has ever been found. 

I offer a different explanation. I have worked for the government for a long time. Once upon a time, many years ago we had a hypnotist come in to show us how to hypnotize ourselves.  This was an exercise to help relieve stress thus allowing workers to stay healthier both mentally and physically while still performing at top notch capabilities in a stressful job. The program was a abysmal failure. Most people could not actually hypnotize themselves to achieve the Nirvana state. So it was canned after only one trial. However, I do remember that we used a pressure point that was designed to instantly induce a kind of hypnotic state so that if things became too stressful, instead of blowing our tops or losing our cools, hence doing something stupid and irrevocable, we would actually transport our minds and beings to this place of healing in our own minds. To achieve this we would repeatedly hypnotize ourselves to be in this place in our minds and we would press this spot on our hands, yup you guessed it, on the web between our thumb and finger on our weak hand. When I heard the story about the woman that had lost time after meeting with the men in black and had come out of the experience with a strange mark in that exact spot on her hand, my mind immediately went to those trial studies.  

Hypnotism is real. It works and it can be linked to a single touch. This actually works better than a catch phrase but it is difficult to control, so for long term hypnotic states a catch phrase is more practical. What I don't understand is why they marked the spot. Did someone want her to remember? If so, why? Remembering what had happened only served to hurt the woman over time. She was branded as a little shy of plumb and her claims were discounted as the ravings of a mentally unstable person. 

The idea that the men in black are aliens is not practical neither has this behavior by them ever been evidenced. The men in black are clearly human. They are hiding the alien's and any UFO siting for some reasons of their own. That reason is the key to all of this speculation. Why would the governments of the world unanimously decide to hide our extraterrestrial visitors? 

I think that the answer is in our technological advances since WWII. The German scientists that we brought over to the US after the war claimed that they had help with their designs and ideas... and they weren't taking about the Japanese. We talked before about alien involvement in our wars. They seemed to come down on a specific side in the wars. Never have they come down on the side of the United States. Three times in just the past hundred years they have come down on the side of dictatorships. I think that this is less about politics and more about control. In a dictatorship they need only get the complacency of one man. In a democracy they need to put it to a vote that may never fall in their favor. I think that this interference is more about control than anything else. They want control. This is easily evidenced by the wars that the Hindu people spoke and wrote of, that took place between their blue gods and the sky people. Clearly not all aliens are benevolent, to believe that they are is simply naive. 

Our governments hide them so that they cannot influence the general public. People in general will gladly accept anything that makes their lives easier in any way. The aliens may be able to show us ways to make life easier, like with a cell phone. 

What does this mean to us? That's a good question. Eventually the aliens will tire of playing canasta with earth and will come in force. What has stopped them so far... perhaps the blue aliens are not all gone. I know that they said that they were the last of their kind, but perhaps they were not, at least on a philosophical level. Another question that is begging to be asked, if Jehovah is an alien or god then is he and his kind protecting this planet from the others? Is there a cosmic edict to leave earth alone? If so, then why do we have so many extraterrestrial visitors? 

So many questions and so few answers. The men in black are most probably humans that simply hypnotize the people that they talk to and then leave with all of the evidence. The world governments hide the aliens to try and maintain control of our planet, because if we knew about our visitors we just might hand over the reins in favor of a simpler life. But if we did, would it really be simpler or would we be trading one bad apple for another?

I have finally acquired most of what I need to make the new book cover for the next installment of the life of Callisto Casey, i.e. The Veteran of the Silent War. But work on my family's genealogy is taking more time than I realized it might. Still my new book should be out by Christmas. It's called The Death Collectors and it's a fun read if I do say so myself. 

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Remember to live well and be good to each other.

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