Why do some ghosts linger?
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Why do some ghosts linger?

My parents have both passed on, many years ago. And I know for some time that they lingered as ghosts to keep an eye on their children. But, in the past few years I have not felt their presence, especially mother's. I am fairly certain that she has moved on to whatever comes next while in some small part my father still lingers. But, this is not the point... my sister claims that mother is still very close to her. I do not disbelieve her but it brings up a question to my mind. How long do ghosts persist and why do some seem to persist for only a short time and others linger for centuries? 

Before I continue I must clarify that I do not believe that good people die and become Angels of  God in heaven. I do not believe that because in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and he created Angels to help him in his endeavor. These Angels helped him to create all that we now see and set into motion all that will be. They helped him the pallet and when they had done all of that they helped him to create mankind. Angels and man are two different, yet similar species. Much in the same way that Gorillas and Orangutans are different yet similar species, Labradors and Golden Retrievers... you get the idea. Man cannot become an Angel upon death anymore than a Lab can become a Retriever upon death. So no, my parents are not Angels and neither are yours. 

Yet ghosts are real and some linger for a long time and some seem to transcend the normal trappings of an ordinary spirit. God does speak of a righteous being, this is a different being than an Angel or a righteous man. This being is, I believe what become of a righteous man when he dies... at least for a time. I think that when a man (or woman) has finally reached a maturity where they no longer need to be reborn to continue their soul's learning process, their soul is either stashed away to await the coming of our Lord or they become a righteous being. This being then helps out God with jobs that involve mankind directly. There is evidence of these beings helping out Jesus Christ and Abraham with his son. These are the beings that are said to have removed Enoch from seeing death, not Angels. Angels are documented doing other things like helping God to pass judgement on places like Sodom and its sister cities. Angels heralded the birth of Christ, but when Christ prayed in the garden it was righteous beings that came to talk to him. 

This brings me back to ghosts... how long does a ghost linger? Is it their choice or do they just get caught and can't find their way out? Is it a bit of both? 

I can understand a person dying and wanting to linger to watch over their children and maybe even their grandchildren, but what good would it do to keep a watch over a family for hundreds of years? The ghost cannot meaningfully interact with the living, it cannot help them in any way... so why are they there? To watch? To scare? It makes no sense. Now I believe that at the moment of death, if a ghost is "born" of the death then that ghost's ability to think dies with the physical brain. This leaves the entity that is left with no real way of reasoning their way out of a situation. So if they chose to linger as a ghost whatever was on their mind when they made this decision will be their driving force. This explains why some ghost are perpetually sad or angry or just lost. I believe that the person's soul needs to be at a certain maturity level to make a meaningful ghost that has a time limit and then moves on to the next incarnation. Those that linger were not very mature to begin with and are now stuck. 

In the case of my parents... my mother would stick with my sister. She definitely needs more looking after and my sister's father would not care to do so. I on the other hand had a very loving father who seems to still be watching over me. He shows his pleasure in subtler ways. I have a house plant that has not shown any signs of changing for many years. It has remained the same for so long I just assumed that it had reached its end. Suddenly over this past winter it has sprouted a great deal of new life. At the same time I have taken a firm grip on my own life and am cleaning it up quite decisively. Other plants in the house died during this same period and yet this one plant is now thriving. Why do I think that this is a sign of my father's pleasure you ask... his ashes are in the pot with the plant and have been since my mother's death in 2001. Fifteen years is a long time for a plant to not grow one bit and then suddenly sprout new life when his baby daughter finally takes control of her own life. 

I fully expect my parents to move on when my sister and I pass away. They were after all practical and smart. There would be no reason for them to linger with the grandchildren. So why do some ghosts continue to linger? Perhaps I answered my own question, they get stuck. People fear death, generally speaking. A ghostly existence is better than none at all, at least in the minds of some people. I personally think that I would rather place my faith in something other than a ghostly existence. I am clearly not the only one to think that there is something more or we would be drowning in ghosts. 

A lot of people swear that they are going to "come back and haunt us" but they never do. What happens there? If becoming a ghost is a conscious act why is it that those people that swear that they want to be ghosts don't always make the cut? Is it possible that even this ghostly existence is regulated by a higher power? There doesn't seem to me that there is any rhyme or reason to ghosts. Some are the images of people that were strong and forceful when they were alive and yet others are the ghosts of quiet mousy people. It seems unlikely that strength of will determines the creation of a ghost, so what is it that allows some to become ghost and others to not? Unfortunately I'm still trying to work that one out for myself. But I think I get why some linger and some do not. I think that it is linked to their original mind set. They set a time limit for themselves and depart when that limit is met, even though they have no sense of real time. They have decided that when this person is alright or this person is gone, or well or whatever the limit is, when it is reached, they move on. It the ghost sets no limit they they have no idea how long they have lingered and slowly they simply deteriorate into a single emotion that lingers like mist on the moors. They no longer have a mission or even know why they are where they are. They simply linger. Maybe this is part of the job of the righteous beings, to help ghosts to move on. After all, Christ cannot return until everyone is mature enough to make the decision between God and Lucifer. And you cannot mature if you are a ghost.

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Until next time... Live well and be good to each other.

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